Transaction Code for MM to FI Integration

You can integrate both MM and FI by using following transaction codes. This is a step by step procedure related to both the modules where you can create all the necessary components and use it for MM and FI integration.

Sl.No. Particulars Transaction Code
I Transaction Code For Basic Settings from MM Side
1 Define Plant OX10
2 Define Location OIAS
3 Maintain Storage Location OX09
4 Maintain Purchasing Organization OX08
5 Assign Plant to Company Code OX18
6 Assign Purchasing Organization to Company Code OX01
7 Assign Purchasing Organization to Plant OX17
8 Define Attributes of Material Types OMS2
9 Maintain Company Codes for Materials Management OMSY
10 Set Tolerance Limits for Price Variances OMR6
11 Define Plant Parameters
12 Set Tolerance Limits for Goods Receipts OMC0
13 Define Default Values for Physical Inventory OMBH
14 Maintain Default Values for Tax Codes OMR2
15 Define Tax Jurisdiction
16 Configure Vendor Specific Tolerances OMRX
17 Define Automatic Status Change OMRV
18 Define Tolerance Limits for Invoice Verification
19 Define Number Ranges – 50 & 51 FBN1 
II Transaction Codes for FI and MM Integration
1 Creation of G/L Accounts FS00
2 Creation of Material Master MM01
3 Creation of Vendor Master XK01
4 Group Together Valuation Areas OMWD
5 Define Valuation Classes OMSK
6 Define Account Grouping for Movement Types OMWN
7 Configure Automatic Postings OBYC
III Transaction codes for Process Flow
1 Creation of Purchase Order ME21N
2 Goods Receipt Against Purchase Order MIGO
3 Invoice Verification/Invoice Receipt MIRO
4 Payment to Vendor – Outgoing Payment F-53

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