Transaction Code for Profit Center Accounting

Sl.No. Particulars Transaction Code
I TCode For Basic Settings
1 Maintain Controlling Area Settings 0KE5
2 Creation of Dummy Profit Center KE59
3 Set Control Parameters for Actual Data 1KEF
4 Maintain Plan Versions OKEQ
5 Maintain Number Ranges for Local Documents GB02
6 Change PCA Standard Hierarchy KCH5N
7 Display PCA Standard Hierarchy KCH6N
8 Display Settings for PCA 1KE1
9 Creation of Profit Center KE51
10 Creation of PC Group KCH1
11 Maintain Automatic Account Assignment of Revenue Elements OKB9
12 Choose Additional Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Accounts 3KEH
13 Default Assignment to a Profit Center – Derivation Rules 3KEI
14 Planning PC Wise for Profit & Loss Account Items 7KE1
15 Planning PC Wise for Balance Sheet Account Items 7KE3
16 To View Profit Center Wise Variance Report for Profit and Loss Account Items S_ALR_87013326
17 To View Profit Center Wise Variance Report for Balance Sheet Account Items S_ALR_87013336
18 Transfer from one Profit Center to Another Profit Center 9KE0
19 Display PCA Document 9KE9
20 Transfer Payables/Receivables in PCA 1KEK
21 Display Profit Center Actual Line Items KE5Z
22 Balance Carry Forward in EC-PCA 2KES
II TCode For Assessment – EC-PCA  
1 Maintain Assessment Cost Element KA06
2 Define Actual Assessment Cycle for EC-PCA 3KE1
3 Actual Assessment 3KE5
III TCode For Distribution – EC-PCA
1 Define Distribution Cycle 4KE1
2 Actual Distribution 4KE5

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