Transaction code for SAP Interest Calculation foreign currency and tax

I Transaction Code for Interest Calculations: Account Balance Interest Calculation  Transaction Code
1 Define Interest Calculation Types OB46
2 Prepare Account Balance Interest Calculation OBAA
3 Define Reference Interest Rates OBAC
4 Define Time Dependent Terms OB81
5 Enter Interest Rates OB83
6 Creation of G/L Account FS00
7 Assignment of Accounts for Automatic Posting OBV2
8 Posting of Term Loan F-02
9 Repayment of Term Loan F-02
10 Interest Calculations F.52
II Transaction code for Foreign Currencies Balances Revaluation
 Transaction Code
1 Define Valuation Methods OB59
2 Creation of G/L Accounts FS00
3 Prepare Automatic Postings OBA1
4 Term Loan Receipt in Foreign Currency F-02
5 Enter Exchange Rates OB08
6 Foreign Currency Balances Revaluation (Forex Run) F.05
III TCode for Tax on Sales/Purchases  Transaction Code
1 Define Tax Procedures OBQ3
2 Assign Country to Calculation Procedures OBBG
3 Define Tax Codes FTXP
4 Assign Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions OBCL
5 Creation of “VAT Pool A/c” G/L Account FS00
6 Define Tax Accounts OB40
7 Assign Tax Codes in G/L Accounts FS00
8 Posting of Sale or Purchase Invoice to Check Input and Output Taxes F-22

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