Transaction Codes Related to Inventory Management

Transaction Codes (tcode) for Inventory Management

Transaction Code Description of Transaction code
MB00 Inventory Management
MB01 Post Goods Receipt for PO
MB02 Change Material Document
MB03 Display Material Document
MB04 Subsequ.Adj.of “Mat.Provided”Consmp.

Transaction Code (tcode) Related to Stock

TCode Description of Transaction code
MB0A Post Goods Receipt for PO
MB1A Goods Withdrawal
MB1B Transfer Posting
MB1C Other Goods Receipts
MB5T Stock in transit CC
MB5U Analyze Conversion Differences
RWBE Stock Overview
MB90 Output Processing for Mat. Documents
MCSK Call Standard Analyses of Stocks
MCYG Exception Analysis INVCO
MI05 Change Inventory Count
MI06 Display Inventory Count 
MD04 Display Stock/Requirements Situation
MIDO Physical Inventory Overview
MIGO Goods Movement
MIGO_GI Goods Movement
MIGO_GS Subseq. Adjust. of Material Provided
MIK1  Ph.Inv.Doc.Vendor Cons.
MIMD Tansfer PDC Physical Inventory Data
MIQ1  PhInvDoc. Project Stock
MMBE Stock Overview
MR51 Material Line Items

Transaction Code (tcode) Related to Reservation

TCode Description of Transaction code
MB21 Create Reservation
MB22 Change Reservation
MB23 Display Reservation
MB24 Reservation List
MB25 Reservation List
MB26 Picking list
MB51 Material Doc. List
MB52 List of Warehouse Stocks on Hand
MB53 Display Plant Stock Availability
MB54 Consignment Stocks
MB56 Analyze batch where-used list
MB58 Consgmt and Ret. Packag. at Customer
MB59 Material Doc. List
MB5B Stocks for Posting Date
MB5C Pick-Up List
MB5K Stock Consistency Check
MB5L List of Stock Values: Balances

Transaction Code (tcode) Related to Material Document

TCode Description of Transaction code
MBSL Copy Material Document
MBSM Display Cancelled Material Docs.
MBST Cancel Material Document
MBSU Place in Stor.for Mat.Doc: Init.Scrn
MI00 Physical Inventory
MI01 Create Physical Inventory Document
MI02 Change Physical Inventory Document
MI03 Display Physical Inventory Document
MI04 Enter Inventory Count with Document

Transaction Code (tcode) Related to Batch Input of Inventory Management

TCode Description of Transaction code
MI31  Create Phys. Inv. Doc.
MI32  Block Material
MI33  Freeze Book Inv.Balance
MI34  Enter Count
MI35  Post Zero Stock Balance
MI37  Post Differences
MI38  Count and Differences
MI39  Document and Count
MI40  Doc., Count and Diff.

Other Relevant Transaction Codes (tcode) for Inventory Management

TCode Description of Transaction code
MB5M BBD/Prod. Date
MB5S Display List of GR/IR Balances
MBBM  Post Material Document
MBBR  Create Reservation
MBBS Display valuated special stock
MBC1 Create MM Batch Search Strategy
MBC2 Change MM Batch Determ. Strategy
MBC3 Display MM Batch Determ. Strategy
MBGR Displ. Material Docs. by Mvt. Reason
MBLB Stocks at Subcontractor
MBPM Manage Held Data
MBRL Return Delivery for Matl Document
MBSF Release Blocked Stock via Mat. Doc.
MC.1 Plant Anal. Selection: Stock
MC.2 Plant Anal.Selection, Rec/Iss
MC.3 Plant Anal.Selection,Turnover
MC.4 Plant Anal.Selection,Coverage
MC.5 SLoc Anal. Selection, Stock
MC.6 SLoc Anal. Selection: Rec/Iss
MC.7 SLoc Anal. Selection,Turnover
MC.9 Material Anal.Selection,Stock
MC.A Mat.Anal.Selection, Rec/Iss
MC.B Mat.Anal.Selection, Turnover
MC.C Mat.Anal.Selection, Coverage
MC01 Key Figure Retrieval Via Info Sets
MC02 Key Fig.Retrieval Using Text Strings
MC03 Key Fig Retrieval via Classification
MC04 Create Info Set
MC05 Change Info Set
MC06 Display Info Set
MC07 Create Key Figure
MC08 Change Key Figure
MC09 Create Field Catalog
MC40 ABC Analysis of Usage Values
MC41 ABC Analysis of Reqmt Values
MC42 Range of Coverage by Usg.Val.
MC43 Range Of Coverage By Reqmts
MC44 Analysis of Inventory Turnover
MC45 Analysis of Usage Values
MC46 Analysis of Slow-Moving Items
MC47 Analysis of Reqmt Values
MC48 Anal. of Current Stock Values
MC49 Mean Stock Values
MC50 Analysis of Dead Stock
MCB% Set up stats. for parm. anal.
MCBA Plant Analysis Selection
MCBC Stor. Loc. Analysis Selection
MCBE Material Analysis Selection
MCBR Batch Analysis Selection
MCBV Parameter Analysis Selection
MCBZ Stck/Reqt Analysis Selection
MCL1 WMS: Stck Placemt.+Remov. Selection
MCL5 WMS: Flow of Quantities Selection
MCL9 WM: Material Plcmt/Removal:Selection
MCLD WM: Material Flow – Selection
MCLH WM: Movement Types – Selection
MI07 Process List of Differences
MI08 Create List of Differences with Doc.
MI09 Enter Inventory Count w/o Document
MI10 Create List of Differences w/o Doc.
MI11 Recount Physical Inventory Document
MI12 Display changes
MI20 Print List of Differences
MI21 Print physical inventory document
MI22 Display Phys. Inv. Docs. f. Material
MI23 Disp. Phys. Inv. Data for Material
MI24 Physical Inventory List
MIBC ABC Analysis for Cycle Counting
MICN Btch Inpt:Ph.Inv.Docs.for Cycle Ctng

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