How to transfer balance in Profit center accounting -1kek

How to transfer balance in Profit center accounting -1kek

Payable and receivables balances are transferred to profit center accounting by using transaction code 1KEK or path;

SPRO > Accounting > Controlling > PCA > Actual Posting > Period End Closing > 1KEK – Transfer Payables/receivables

We do not have separate transactions for accounts payable and accounts receivable. All the balances appearing in financial accounting will be transferred to profit center accounting. You can run this transaction as many times as you want. After processing 1KEK the system updates the balance in PCA otherwise the balances in financial accounting will never appear in controlling.  

You run this transaction at the end of the period.

Before running 1KEK you have to run f.5d to calculate the balance sheet adjustment. While processing you need to select your company code for which you want to run it. We suggest you to run it in test mode first and after getting satisfactory result process without selecting test run.

Transfer balances other then accounts payable/receivable to profit center accounting

Other than accounts payable and receivable are transferred to PCA by using transaction code 2KES or path;

SAP easy access menu > Accounting > Controlling > PCA > Actual Postings > Period end closing > 2KES – Carry Forward of balances

Here you directly run the transaction for your company code and fiscal year. we suggest you to run the transaction in test run first.

By transferring balanced you can always create a profit center accounting balances which matches with the financial accounting module balance sheet.

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