What is a Transport Request in SAP – SAP Change Request

Transport Request in SAP are the vehicle by which our configuration settings are moved for one client to other. It’s a request where changes in SAP are saved for each and every configuration that you do in development client

While saving configuration in development box, system will be asking for a transport request to save. You can create your configuration from that popped up box by clicking in the create transport request option or you can use the transaction code SE10 for creating a new transport request in sap separately.

What is a Transport Request in SAP – SAP Change Request

Transport request creation in sap and recording can be automated in table T000. Transport request carries only the new configuration that we do in development box. Once transport request moved to production client it becomes the part of the final configuration to be used in transaction processing so before moving the transport request to production, configuration has to be thoroughly tested.

Transport request in SAP is created only for changes in configuration table or program. The movement of transport request in SAP from one client to other is done by basis team.

For master data like: Cost Center Master, Vendor Master, Customer Master and its number ranges etc, transport requests are not created as a result we have to do this configuration in each and every boxes (i.e. in development, testing, quality, production client etc).

Transaction SE09 is used to transport a Transport Request From one client to other.

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