What is Oracle

Oracle software is referred to oracle database. Its a relational database management system which is marketed and produced by Oracle Corporation based out of Redwood, California.

What is Oracle ERP

Oracle corporation offers ERP package from mid size organizations to bigger organizations. Most of the companies are working in oracle. It,s ERP package takes care of all the business functions including human resource, manufacturing, financial management, business intelligence and supply chain management.

Oracle also allow you to integrate different functions to one for easy use. Many companies are satisfied by implementing Oracle and many moved to SAP. Although SAP is the front runner in ERP market today, oracle has come to play the role of an aggressive second place runner.

Oracle ERP is part of its “Oracle E-business Suite” which provides cross industry capabilities. It has capabilities like enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management, supply chain planning.

What is Oracle Accelerate

What is Oracle?For growing midsize companies it offers “Oracle accelerate”. It enable midsize organization to benefit from there flexible and affordable IT solutions.

It offers all the functions related to a midsized company including human resource, manufacturing, financial management by enabling you to integrate different functionality to one for better productivity with low cost.

SAP has dominated the ERP market for last one decade. All bigger companies are using SAP for its better flexibility and use.

SAP offers more flexibility while using different functions of an organization. With its latest product SAP offers financial accounting, controlling, material management, sales and distribution, production planning, human resource and many more. It has also industry specific modules which helps in easy data integration and high security.

Know what is SAP

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