What is Reposting, Distribution and Assessment – The difference between these three?

Transactions are not posted directly into controlling module. It flows from different module. Reposting, distribution and assessment in SAP used in controlling module to allocate costs within the module between cost centers and other cost objects.

What is Reposting, Distribution and Assessment – The difference between these three?

Reposting in SAP is used to rectify incorrect postings.

  • Reposting by line-item
  • Reposting by cost.

Both methods produce the same result. The costs being transferred from a cost object and collected in another cost object.

Distribution in SAP : A business transaction that allocates primary costs from one cost object to another cost object.

  • The original cost elements are retained in the receiver cost center.
  • Information about the sender and the receiver is documented in the Controlling document.

Assessment in SAP is a method of allocating primary and secondary costs in Cost Center Accounting.

The following information is passed on to the receivers:

  • The original cost elements are combined into assessment cost elements (i.e. secondary cost elements).The original cost elements are thereby lost.
  • The sender and receiver information (the sender cost center and the receiver cost center or order) are documented in line items.

The above methods of allocation of cost are maintained through cycle- segments. A cycle is a collection of rules for cost allocation. A specific cycle contains a number of segments. Cycles are valid only in the environment in which they are defined.

A Segment consists of the elements like Sender objects & Receiver objects. The sender-receiver relationships defined in a cycle are processed iteratively.

Difference between reposting, distribution and assessment in sap is a common question asked by interviewer. If you are preparing for your SAP interview then its very important to know the difference. If you have any other question of reposting, distribution and assessment then please let us know. We will try to address that issue here.

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