Your First step before drafting a resume

A great resume is a well-crafted presentation which sells your success to the interviewer. It is almost impossible to find a job without a resume. Now a days resumes have taken different form. The recent one is Web Form of Resume i.e. e-resume or social media resume.

Most of the companies now a days have job posted on their own website rather that posting in a job-portal. These companies are collecting data from different candidates in web form and sending them mails when required availability exists with them. So one has to get himself registered with the specific company’s website along with visiting various job-portal for resume submission. 

What is the first step you should take before drafting your resumeNow the question is how to write a winning resume. Following tips can be a great help while drafting your resume;

In you first step before drafting a resume, you define following factors based on which your experience and educational qualification;

  1. Define the type of Job you are looking at.
  2. Define a career goal, your area of interest and objectives.
  3. Research the skills that are required for the desired job you are looking at.
  4. Define the Keywords that will be used in your resume to showcase your skills, talent and expertise.
  5. List down your past and current accomplishments.
  6. Assess your skills and experience. In this are you divide your skills to general skills and job-specific skills.
  7. Have Referrals ready if asked by the interviewer.

Out of the above list you list down those things that are required by an employer and do update the above list on a regular basis so that it can help you in future job hunting process.

Please remember that, you are not the only person having the specific skill set is applying for the job. Employers are swamped with resumes from other job seekers and only a well written, high impacted resume can set you apart. Use your resume as a marketing tool which will sell your expertise to the interviewer.

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