Use of a Dummy Profit Center

What is the Use of a Dummy Profit CenterIn SAP, a profit center (PC) is not designed to get direct posting. All the PCs are getting posted through a cost object like cost center, internal orders etc. If such cost objects are not assigned to a PC then posting will not be posted to PCA  as a result PC figures will mismatch with the actual figure.To avoid this a dummy profit center is necessary to transfer those unassigned whenever the cost object or other assignments are missing because the data was originally posted without an assignment to a PC (examples are: material, WBS element, internal orders, process orders, sales orders, business processes, cost centers, etc). After creating a dummy profit center you need to assign it to the controlling area setting of PCA by using transaction OKE5. This ensures that your internal and financial accounting data are reconciled.

Example: Linkage between the cost centers and profit centers under a controlling area are established by which the costs posted to a cost center get automatically flows into the PCA. If the assignment to profit center is not done at cost center or if the system is unable to derive the PC from a cost center, then transaction will be posted to Dummy Profit Center. From which it is posted to correct PC after analyzing the same.

You can find out which objects are not assigned to PC by analyzing the postings assigned to PC. You can also assess or distribute data from the dummy profit center to the desired PCs. To send the data from the dummy profit center to the other PCs you can use the facility of assessment or distribution in controlling module. Therefore the “dummy” profit center has to be set up for 2 reasons:

  • To indicate deficiencies in the object mapping
  • To avoid transnational data from being blocked

You create the master record for the dummy PC in Customizing. To change or display the dummy profit center, use the normal functions Change PC and Display PC in controlling module.

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