What is the use of Sort Key in General Ledger Master – Company Code Segment

What is the use of Sort Key in General Ledger MasterYou assign the sort key to a general ledger master in company code segment related to a particular company code. When you assign this sort key, the assignment field of a line item is automatically filled in based on the selection of sort key.

If you select the sort key as posting date then the assignment field in the line item is filled with the posting date and all the line items posted to the general ledger account can be sorted with the posting date.

You can also have the sort key selected as cost center. For cost center selected, the system assign the field in the general ledger line item and filled with the number of the cost center when ever that particular general ledger account is used. 

How the Sort Key Function work

When you post a transaction to SAP FI module by using a general ledger account which has an assignment of a sort key by posting date, the system while posting the accounting document get the assignment field to the line item and all the line items posted to the same account can be sorted by viewing the report Line item display of a general ledger account.

What are the sort key available to assign a general ledger master

Sort Key Description of the Sort Key
0 Assignment number
1 Posting date
2 Doc.no., fiscal year
3 Document date
4 Branch account
5 Local currency amt
6 Doc.currency amount
7 Bill/exch.due date
8 Cost center
9 External document no
10 Purchase order no.
11 Plant number
12 Vendor number
14 Purchase order
15 Personnel number
16 Settlement period
17 Settl.per., pers.no.
18 Asset number
21 Segment text
22 One-time name / city
23 One-time city / name
24 Document header text
25 CPU date
26 Pmnt per.bslne date
27 Value date
29 Pstng month, vendor
31 Customer number
32 Pstng yr,month,curr.
33 Cost center
34 Month, cost center
35 Rental agreement
36 Order
37 Currency key
39 Project number
55 Fiscal year, month
101 Cash discnt clearing
150 Nota Fiscal

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