How a wrong email address can impact your tax return filing

Email address is the most important thing that an individual or a company need to look in while registering at income tax site or filing tax return. Most of the tax payers in India use their office email id for tax e-filing. We suggest them not to use their office email address while filing ITR form.

What you get on your email address

  1. ITR V receipt
  2. Intimation or notice or rectification on your IT return
  3. Password reset
  4. Unauthorized access or password change notifications

ITR V Receipt

Filing your tax return online without a digital signature require you to send the ITRV form to IT department’s CPC office within 120 days of uploading. IT department after receiving such acknowledgement (i.e. ITRV) will issue you a receipt to your email ID as a proof of receiving your acknowledgement by post.

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IT Notice or Intimations to your email ID

How a wrong email address can impact your income tax return filling

After you file your tax return, IT office will re-assess your tax return and based on their calculation if any difference found in the amount of income or taxes then they send you an intimation or notice. This intimation or notice is sent to your email address that is mentioned on your ITR form. These intimation or notices require your prompt response based on the content of the notice. If you have given a wrong email ID then it will be delivered to that wrong email ID in which case you will be in trouble.

Password Reset

In case you have forgotten your e-filing password then after resetting your password it will be delivered to your registered email ID which you have provided at the time of registering at tax efiling website. In case you have given a wrong email ID then it will be very difficult for you to reset your password.

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Unauthorized Access or password change

In recent past peoples have hacked few celebrities’s tax account and have accessed their income and other details that they have disclosed to IT department. For any such things IT department will send you emails to your registered email ID for such logins if you have provided your correct email accounts at the time of registration at tax site.

Many people have a habit of giving their companies email ID while filing or registering themselves with IT department. We suggest them to use their own personal email ID as after leaving the company or retirement it will be difficult for them to keep track of the emails that they receive from IT department.

If you are taking a third party services for filing your tax return then make sure that they use your email ID as provided by you. In absence of your email ID it will be difficult for you to keep track of your tax return updates.

You have to be very careful on spam emails that usually come from different persons asking for your PAN number and personal information. We request you not to respond to these emails as IT department never ask you about your PAN number and personal information.

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