Job Interview checklist – Things to remember for any interview

Getting a call from an interviewer means that your resume and your background did their job. To get selected you need to follow our job interview checklists.

Below in this article, we have prepared a list of job interview checklist that you can remember before attending any interview. In addition to that we also have given a checklist to help you getting the right dress for interview.

Job Interview checklist – Things to remember for any interview

Common JOB interview Checklist

  1. Prepare for your job specific questions.
  2. Get a good night sleep before any interview. Don’t do last minute preparation.
  3. Before interview, have your breakfast and brush your teeth.
  4. Read that days newspaper. If possible watch any of the leading new channel so that you can have your views on the recent development.
  5. Have five questions on your list that you are going to ask your interviewer.
  6. Switch you mobile phone to silent mode or turn it off entirely
  7. Wait to be invited to take a seat.
  8. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer.
  9. Paying attention to what the interviewer is saying.
  10. Carry your business card with you.
  11. Brush your teeth and don’t have any spicy food before your interview.

Dress Code Checklist – For Men

  1. Wear a well-tailored, clean, and pressed long-sleeved shirt and a matching paint.
  2. Depending on your work profile you can have a tie that coordinates with your shirt, avoiding wild colors and patterns
  3. Polished, plain black or brown leather dress shoes
  4. Use Deodorant/antiperspirant
  5. Clean shave
  6. Comb and style your hair
  7. Carry your briefcase or several copies of your resume, a notepad, pens, research materials, etc.
  8. A well-tailored, clean, and pressed suit in conservative, dark shades of navy blue, gray, or brown
  9. Dark socks that coordinate with your suit and dress shoes

Dress Code Checklist – For Women

  1. A well-tailored, clean, and pressed shirt and paints. Color does not really matters but you should wear in a good color combination that match you and for the present position.
  2. A well-tailored, clean, and pressed suit in a conservative color – this requires if your present job needed this kind of dress code or else not required.
  3. Polished, plain, sensible pumps, or low-heeled dress shoes
  4. Natural-looking makeup
  5. Simple and understated jewelry that complements your outfit without attracting attention
  6. Use Deodorant/antiperspirant
  7. Comb and style your hair
  8. Brush your teeth
  9. Avoid mini-skirts, dramatic makeup, flashy jewelry
  10. Carry your briefcase or copies of your resume, a notepad, pens, research materials, etc

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